• Dark Sea
  • The Indifference League
  • ONE
  • Racing Around The World Alone
  • The O Canada Project
  • California Sailing: Part 1

Dark Sea

Dark Sea A fractured family is put to the test when they rescue a mysterious stranger adrift at sea, and must find thewill to survive.


DARK SEA is a psychological, suspense-filled, thriller pitting a dysfunctional family against a charismatic and pernicious stranger who they rescue adrift at sea. MEREDITH (35, intelligent, focused, physician) struggles with her family’s problems, and is on the vergeof potentially leaving her husband, JACK (50, brash, controlling, addicted to work and alcohol). Her stepdaughter, CORAL (17, artsy, witty and rebellious), wants to travel and break free from her parents. While on a weekend sailing trip to try to mend the family, they collide with a makeshift lifeboat out at sea. From the debris, they rescue the DRIFTER (30’s, an enigmatic and imposing stranger), who is badly injured and in need of help. Once aboard, the Drifter manipulates them and takes control of the boat, leaving the family in grave danger. A life or death battle unfolds, testing the bonds of the family and their will to survive.

DARK SEA draws inspiration from films like DEAD CALM, THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY, and PANIC ROOM, with their limited and claustrophobic locations, psychological intensity, and the distrust of ‘the other’. It explores themes such as the complexity of the modern family, fear of the unknown, the depth of love and the will to survive.A slow dread builds forcing the question, how much would you sacrifice in order to protect the ones you love,and where does the real danger lie?

The Indifference League

The Indifference League Sex vs Love. Religion vs Atheism. Left vs Right. Right vs Wrong. Can anyone be a hero when the divisions are so extreme?


Beneath the surface of a lake, the body of thirty-year-old Mr. Nice Guy sinks deeper below the surface of the water. Then his eyes snap open.

We flash back to the beginning of the long weekend, when Mr. Nice Guy gathers his friends The Indifference League, who gave each other “anti-superhero” nicknames in high school to poke fun at each of their dominant personality traits.

In the style of The Avengers, the members of The Indifference League are introduced one at a time. We meet Miss Demeanor in a gay cabaret club, where Mr. Nice Guy (who has a long-standing Crush on Miss D.) discovers that she is a lesbian. We are then introduced to The Statistician, a mathematics professor trapped in an intimacy-free marriage. We meet The Drifter, The Statistician’s hapless, globe-trotting younger brother, and his new love interest The Stunner, who turns out to be the student that The Statistician has just had an affair with. Next comes Hippie Avenger, who shuns battery-operated devices like cell phones and iPods, but cherishes her vibrator, The Purple Pal.

When they all arrive at Mr. Nice Guy’s cottage, along with SuperKen and SuperBarbie, the high school Prom King and Queen who’ve become extreme right-wing born-again Christians, the stage is set for a series of super-battles, on the beach, in the bedrooms, and during an epic rainy-night game of Monopoly. Secrets will be revealed. Alliances will shift. Relationships will be betrayed.

And the life of Mr. Nice Guy will depend on the outcome.


ONE A group of friends head to a national park for their annual getaway and meet three beautiful strangers, EVE (24), MICHAEL (27) & JAMES (19), who take them on a journey to the heart of a natural paradise and the brink of death.


Two groups of campers converge on a beautiful waterfall deep within a national park in the Canadian north. One group, lead by NATHAN (22) and LIZ (22), are locals who meet every year at this spot to reconnect while they’re away at university. The other group, lead by EVE (24), is a cult of psychopaths that believes Eve is god and the men are angels from heaven. They are preparing to bring on the apocalypse and must become numb to human suffering to accomplish this end. The cult has a new recruit, DAVID (19), who stocks the locals from the forest while Eve selects his female victim from among them. Eve leads the group deeper into the national park to a ‘paradise’ like campsite. Along the way, the local camper CHLOE (22) goes missing.

KRIS (25), a local who vanished a year ago, has returned and is on route to meet up with his ex girlfriend Liz. He starts to piece together that his friends are in trouble as he searches for them in the expansive park.Eve’s abusive childhood comes to light through a series of flashbacks.

The locals figure out that there is something not quite right about their new friends. All hell breaks loose as they attempt to break free. MICHAEL (27) – Eve’s right hand and enforcer – decides to finish them off. The locals fight for survival in the face of extreme evil. Chloe, faced with certain death, searches for reason in insanity in the hopes of surviving David’s plans for her.

ONE is a thrill ride through the beautiful northern landscape. It is a story about the triumph of the human spirit in the face of religious perversity and extreme adversity. It is an archetype of what we see happening throughout the world today.

Racing Around The World Alone Racing Around The World Alone 'Racing Around the World Alone' is the story of the 2008/2009 Vendee Globe race. 30 skippers embark on a quest to be the fastest to sail 27000 miles around the world, non stop, without assistance and alone on 60 foot sailboats. This is one of the most extreme challenges a human being can face. The sailors are alone at sea for months and physical and emotional strength are essential. Growlers (Icebergs), sea mammals, and massive waves are a constant danger. On any day the forces of nature can bring an end to the best sailor's well made plans. They harness the wind, hope for safe passage over the sea and push hard to win. They are a testament to the audacity of the human spirit.

On their journey, they will see the world in a way that few ever have the chance to see it. However, as many a sailor knows, the ocean, though beautiful, is powerful and unforgiving. They set out to demonstrate that the human will is up to the greatest of challenges. This is their story.

Check out the film website here.

The O Canada Project The O Canada Project On December 28th 2008, the Open 60 class sailboat Spirit of Canada was overturned by a large breaking wave during the Vendee Globe solo ocean race around the world. The damage sustained forced skipper Derek Hatfield to abandon the race. The boat, damaged and badly in need of repair, is transported to Auckland New Zealand to be rebuilt and modernized. She is to be renamed O Canada and a new skipper will take over the helm. The boat must be completely torn apart and refit. The transformation to O Canada requires a lot of work and is taken on by master boat builder Alan West.

Following the rebuild and under the supervision of seasoned New Zealand skipper Dan Slater, a group of five elite Canadian sailors make their way to New Zealand to learn to sail O Canada. The Canadians are mostly Olympic sailors but also include an Olympic coach and another offshore sailor in the Mini Transat class. They must endure a rigorous training schedule, be exposed to the dangers at sea in the safety at sea course, and go on their first overnight sail. They will be tested on their newly acquired skills and be expected to perform under pressure. It is the experience of a lifetime and the adventure will be challenging and entertaining for all involved. They will grow as a team and individuals through their shared experience. The O Canada Project is an intimate look at how Olympic class sailor's fare when exposed to the high power of the off shore racing yacht O Canada.

The Transpac 2011 California Sailing: Part 1 After winning the 2010 Auckland to Fiji race, the newly refit Open 60 sailboat O Canada is transported to California to compete in the Islands Race, the Border Run and the Coastal Cup before taking on a world-class fleet in the Transpac yacht race from long Beach, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. O Canada is a no compromise Open 60 racing yacht built for going fast in the open ocean. Lead by sailing legend Richard Clarke, the team of five Canadians works hard sailing through an intense schedule of training days and races. With every race they improve and gain valuable experience sailing aboard O Canada. Each race exposes them to new challenges and they grow together as a team and competitors.

The Transpac yacht race covers approximately 2225 nautical miles and is famous for fast downwind sailing under spinnaker in the trade winds. It is a premiere yacht race and draws many of the world's best sailors. Richard and the team are well prepared and ready to take on the fleet. With unprecedented coverage, you are taken on the adventure of a lifetime as the team races through the Pacific towards Hawaii. Every moment of their life onboard is caught on camera in this extremely intimate look at open ocean racing. California to Hawaii Transpac 2011 puts you on the boat and makes you feel a part of the action. Drawn in by the team you are held captive by the majesty of the ocean and set ashore in beautiful Hawaii, a sea of experience in your wake.

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