CEO/Executive Producer/Director
CTO/Digital Design Director
CCO/Art Director
Post Production Manager/Visual Effects
Associate Producer/Editor
Production Manager



1. to reduce by analysis. 2. to convert or transform. 3. to decide firmly on a course of action. 4. to deal with successfully and conclusively.
1. firm determination to do something.


The Resolve Media team believes in the power of a story and that there is a solution to every problem. The company is built on the principle that bringing a creative concept to life is one of the most rewarding pursuits. We see every project as an opportunity to push our skills to another level. Our creative process involves exploring every angle of the objective and concept, working with the parties involved to find the most dynamic and effective solutions, then following through with determination to present the content in a way that is unique and engaging. We put in the work to achieve the best possible outcome, and ideally have some fun in the process!